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Popcaan – Rapid Lyrics

Popcaan – Rapid Lyrics
Popcaan – Rapid Lyrics

Popcaan – Rapid Lyrics Rapid
Mek yuh madda bawl fi yuh
Freeway (Weh dem ah do)
Ray Gad (Unruly State)
Badman buss dem head from dem ears side (Ears side)
Run inna yuh house wid di zig-zag
Lock wid di chip, anuh SIM card
Pussy dem cyan escape, coulda [?], coulda ring guard
Badman rapid di place [?] single
M1 and ‘K, mi just ah [?] Steady wid di MAC, mi nuh shake, mi nuh tremble
Bwoy gone ah dirt, ah cemetry
Killy dem lost him, mek him mother bawl fi him
Mama bawl fi yuh (Bawl fi him)

[?] Pull up brawling, no lock sport
Rifle black like Kodak Black
Bwoy drop inna di road [?] gap
Catch di pussy dem ah share hot spot (Run up)
Run up inna [?] Badman buss yuh head, ah just your time
Catch e boyfriend ah stop light
Buss him head, lef’ e yellow light
40 ball inna yuh eye
Di bwoy blind
Lif’ up di .45
Fresher design
Di thugs dem read yuh file
Yuh is ah child
[?] easy bwoy fi dead
Nothing survive

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