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Skeng x Rvssian – 23 Lyrics

23 Lyrics By Skeng x Rvssian

Skeng x Rvssian - 23 Lyrics
Skeng x Rvssian – 23 Lyrics

Skeng x Rvssian – 23 Lyrics. Ketch me inna me brand new 23’
(Catch me in my brand new 23’)
And me ripped jeans , straight from Philippines
(And my ripped jeans, straight from Philippines)
Affi get a new gyal, by any means
(Have to get a new girl, by any means)
Been a tell dem this from 17, now u see Weh me mean
(Have been telling them this from 17, now u see what I mean)
Top gyal, top freak
(Top girl, top freak)
Bad b*tch bubble up, pon top G
(Bad b*tch whine up, on top G)
Di gunmans pon di yard have 23’
(The gangsters on the yard have 23’)
Park up ?????
Now u see weh me mean

(Now you see what I meant)

[Verse 1] Dem naa flick no bat ,
(They’re not flicking no bat,)
Dem gyal a Mek chat seh dem boyfriend a lapse
(They’re girl is making talk that their boyfriend is lapsing)
Doh mek me buck yuh gyal pon di rooftop
(Don’t let me meet your girl on the rooftop)
Gi it couple back shot, Mek she ride nonstop
(Give her alot of backshots, make she ride nonstop)
23, dawg nuff years me a rock
(23, dog alot of years I’m rocking)
Steamaz seh we hot, fresh outta di pot
(Steamaz said we’re hot, fresh out the pot)
Boasty nuh f**k and we nuh do di long chat
(Boasty as f**k and we don’t do the long talk)
Doh work wid di program , den u get knock
(Don’t work with the program, then you get damage)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Yow Russian dem nuh know standard
(Yo Russian they don’t know standard)
(Hey bwoy!)
((Hey boy!))
Price ears after di song drop
(Price ears after the song release)
(Hear me nuh)
((Hear me now))
Anuh war nuh counteraction
(It’s no war no counteraction)
Stop hackle up yuhself and wul a J1
(Stop hacle up yourself and hold a J1)
A1 Top class big batty Asian
(A1 Top class big ass Asian)
Rattygang pass thru , know a 23 land
(Rattygang pass thru , know there’s 23 land)
Seh me conquer the game, dancehall taliban
(Said I conquer the game, dancehall taliban)
Outside and me clean inna 23 land
(Outside and I’m clean in 23 land)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Yow murda
(Yo murder)
Hear me a seh dawg
(Hear me dog)
Cause me is a bwoy weh deven give a f**k dawg
(Cause I’m a boy that don’t even give a f**k dog)
Eeh , nuh see how me fresh bro
(Eeh , don’t you see how fresh I am bro?)
A lie ?
(Am I lying?)
Ketch me inna me brand new 23
(Catch me in my brand new 23’)
Straight from Philippines
By any means
Now you see weh me mean
(Now you see what I meant)

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